The Manor Village has a lifestyle for every resident

Whether you are interested in an assisted living program facility, or one that caters more to independent living, the Manor Village can provide both. The assisted living program includes a support service of professionally trained personnel who are available twenty four hours daily to ensure you the peace of mind you need. They will help you to be as independent as possible, and to ensure that you enjoy as many of the amenities as you can. They will not only assist you with all self help skills, they will take you outside of the facility on outings, if you are medically able. If you are ambulatory, you will be taken for short walks to enjoy the surroundings, and all of the other views from the facility.

If a more independent lifestyle is your preferred need, you will have all of the luxurious comfort of being in your own home. You will enjoy all of the professional services provided by the facility, and enjoy the interaction of communicating, and socializing with people of similar age and interests. Residents of the Manor Village in Scottsdale, Arizona, are bound by a lease agreement that includes the monthly rental fee. This fee will include the rent, the meal allowance for the month, and all of the services provided by the facility. Your lifestyle choice will be a determining factor in special services expense. No other assisted living facility will give what Manor Village gives you.